Pop Mech Install Guide Metal Proton gun body

Installing your pop mech
you will need the follow parts
Gun body (for this isntall we are using our test body to allow better views of the parts)
Inner master tube
Pop Tube
Clear tube (Optional inner clear tube support, which needs to be epoxyed in place if used)
pop mech catch and stop
green lever and small knob
2 4-40 screws, 1 4-40 nut and 2 rubber bands.

First steep is to take your pop tube and slide in the clear tube, the clear tube will need to have a hole drilled
and threaded for a 4/40 screw. if you orderd a clear tube from us you have the option of having the hole already drilled along with the inner support
epoxyed in place.

Next grab your inner master tube, if it does not have a slit in it, you will need to make one. (all new freekygeeky tubes come with the slit in it)
If your moding your inner master tube. ts not too important where around the tube the slit goes,
although we choose to put it at the 9 o'clock position.
we do set it back at .75 from the front of the tube and it runs 2.75" long.
the slit should be 3/16 wide.
If you bought your tube from Freekygeeky and it does not have the slit we will update it with the slit at no charge.
if you did not get your tube from us and want us to add the slit we can but there is a service charge.

slide the pop mech inside till your able to put the 4-40 screw in

the 4-40 screw should sit flush in the slit, if it does not you may need to sand down the screw a little.

Next you can hook up the front assembly thus far to the gun body, viva 1 short and long 6/32 screw, the long screw
should come down from the top. you can also install the brass spacers at this time.

Next you will want to install the 4-40 screw on the inside, the nut is used to lock the screw in place.

Optional is putting a nut on the inside too, this can help hold the rubber bands on.

To install the rubber band just hook one side onto the large screw and one side onto the end screw.

You can also hook the rubber band around to the outside.

If you would like a stronger Pop to the tube, all you need do is add a second rubber band.

This is a optional steep but i do like to add a counter sunk area to where the green lever goes. the reason is it helps the lever to sit flush on the body.

Example of the flush.

Next you will want to install the Pop Stop bu slideing it though the hole and putting on the nut, make it just Tight
enough so it can still be moved by your fingers at this point.

Slide the green lever though your gun body and catch and put on the small knob. the lever should move freely.

Not all installs will go perfect as not all gun bodys are made the same, this is one example that could pop up, in this case
the was not long enough to freely latch on and off, the solution to this is just file a little bit of the metal done.
should you run into any problem, and cant figure out a solution please do let us know and we will help you fix it.

After the adjustments the catch worked perfectly

with the catch in place you will want to adjust the stop just need to make it touch the back wall, at this time you will want to
tighten the nut so the stop wont move.

Its important to make sure the catch is set up so the top of the angle is above the screw, if its below it wont relatch.

after the catch stop is taken care of you can tighten down the screw. which will lock the catch onto the green lever.

another rubber band slips over the catch in the groove and attaches to one of the rear cylinders screws.
this will pull the catch back down when relase.

Next just install your front handle and now you have a rotating front handle and a pop, now go make em hard.

Pop Mech Install Guide TCV3 Body With our front metal handle assembly

the install of the pop mech up to where the handle is attached to the gun body is the same for both.

you will want to install the screw just like in the metal build version.

put the catch into place and mark on the gun body wall where it would sit.

This will help you know where to make the adjusments.

i used a dremal to remove some of the plastic to make the catch sit in place. you may also need to drill out the holes of the lever a little bigger.
both the lever and catch should move freely. once it does you can attach the rubber band to one of the screws that hold your rear cylinder on.

Another mod that would need to be made is sanding out the area where the screw hits.

this way the screw when it pops is not slaming into your gun body wall.

the way it should stop is the screw that holds the clear tube in should hit the end of the inner master tube, this way no damage is done to the gun body.
when done just install your handle sleeve and you have a roateing front handle with pop, so go make em hard.

Pop Mech Install In TCV3 resin front handle.

(Please note this section is not finshed, a special pop tube, shorter pop tube is needed for this install
along with a longer clear tube, i did not have the meterial on hand do make the parts needed so im using generic parts to show
the process of it, and will update when i make one)

tthe first steep is to install the clear tube in the pop tube, this uses a 6/32 screw the screw may need to be sanded/filed
down if it does not slide smoothly in the slit on the inside of the tube (see picture below)

you will need a top converter, this should be epoxed in the front of the handle.

the next steep is slide the tube that comes with tc kit into place

with the handle on you will want to drill into the grip lock and into the tube (this locks the handle into place and does not allow it to turn but
it is the only way to install the pop mech in the handle. you will want to thread it for a 6/32 screw.

the screw does not have to be a socket cap could be a set screw, or the socket cap screw would be counter sunk into place.
after that is done attach the handle and contuine the install instructions of tcv3 pop install.


these mechs are new, will there be problems, sure, but we will always be on hand to trouble shoot any problems you have with the mech. if you should find
a glitch with the mech please do let us know so we can continue to improve them.

some assembly tips
Before you put your pop tube in for the finally time its best to add lube to it.
remember these are metal parts moving against metal parts, lube will help keep your parts going strong with no problems.

you can use any type of lube you would like, one of the key things to remember is to ensure you sand down the pop tube with some
really fine sandpaper.
we slide the tube in place, and turn it and add lube though the slots to ensure we get a nice coating.

Another optional trick with the lever is after you got a screw mark on it you can take it back off and file that area down a little.

This can help the screw hold onto the lever even better.

these are the rubber bands i use, we include some rubber bands with each pop mech but a package can be bought, for around 1.50 from stores.

Spring Mod

we do sell springs, the spring do needed to be modded to work in the gun

to mod them you just cut the spring ring down with some wire snips, the fold out the last ring or 2, 2 will give you more support,
it is improtant to know one turns up and the other sidewise like in the photo above.

we tested a few ways to install the sping this way shown above turned out to be the best.